• Do A Backflip & Catch A Frisbee


    ROAR-E-OKE, ‘Common Knowledge’

    Ghost Ride Yo Whip!

    Frozen Statue On A Slip ‘N Slide

    Roar Like A Lion

    Street Luge Session in Malibu

    Do A Front Flip On A Snowboard

  • ROAR-E-OKE, ‘The Circle of Life’

    ROAR-E-OKE, ‘Sweet Lion O’Mine’

    Beatbox Like A Pro & Incorporate A Roar Somehow!

    Get Pulled By A Vespa On A Skateboard… Barefoot!

    Tackle An Unsuspecting Friend

    Get Towed On A Dolly, Behind A Vespa

    Nate Gets Extreme

    Get A Crowd To Roar

  • Five Star A Friend

    Yes ROAR-E-OKE

    Goofy Movie ROAR-E-OKE

    Steal Food From Another Table

    Make A Bird Call

    Get Slapped In The Face

    Shotgun A Roaring Lion

    Jam On The Roof

  • F*** You ROAR-E-OKE

    The Motto ROAR-E-OKE

    Whip My Hair ROAR-E-OKE

    Party Rock Anthem ROAR-E-OKE

    Roaring Levels

    Show Us Your Hidden Talent 3rd Place – Kevin Johnson

    ROAR-E-OKE, ‘Final Countdown’ by Europe

    ROAR-E-OKE, ‘Nikes On My Feet’

Featured Challenges

Contest Winners

  • Arianna Cook

    ROAR-E-OKE 1st Place

  • Keith Hutchison

    ROAR-E-OKE 2nd Place

  • Kevin Johnson

    ROAR-E-OKE 3rd Place

  • Keith Hutchison

    Show Us Your Hidden Talent 1st Place

  • Nate Williams

    Show Us Your Hidden Talent 2nd Place

  • Kevin Johnson

    Show Us Your Hidden Talent 3rd Place

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