“Is it Really Made from Lions?”

And Other Frequently Asked Questions

Who drinks Roaring Lion?

Anyone who needs energy! Active students, busy professionals, road trippers, parties, and athletes, to name a few.

When should it be consumed?

Anytime you are physically or mentally tired and in need of 4-6 hours of energy. Before you have fun & play hard!

What does it mean to ‘Lionize Yourself’?

‘Lionize’ means ‘to treat as an object of great interest or importance’, ‘to hold in high esteem’ or ‘to treat as a celebrity’. When you drink a Roaring Lion, you will have the energy you need to be at the top of your game and live life as the king of your jungle.

Does it have tons of caffeine?

A serving of Roaring Lion has about the same amount of caffeine as an American cup of coffee. Rather than spiking a carbonated fruit beverage with a caffeine overdose, our products contain a blend of functional ingredients that are scientifically proven to provide a sustained boost in energy without the jitters.

Will I crash later?

Don’t stress! Roaring Lion’s effects will last a few hours, then dissipate slowly with no harsh comedown.

Does Roaring Lion contain alcohol?

Nope, Roaring Lion is a non-alcoholic beverage. It does make for a most excellent mixer, however, and can be used with a wide variety of spirits to create tons of delicious cocktails. As with anything you consume, know & respect your body!

Are there any side effects?

In addition to an overall increase and energy & general sense of well-being, Roaring Lion’s functional ingredients also work to detoxify your body, enhance physical stamina and vigor, help to more quickly eliminate bodily waste, activate the metabolism, improve the brain’s performance, and sharpen reflexes and focus. We can live with that.

Where are the drinks made?

Roaring Lion is made in various beverage production facilities around the USA.

Is it expensive?

No, we want to hook you up! Roaring Lion offers the highest quality energy drink at prices that won’t put a hurt on your wallet.

Where can I buy Roaring Lion?

Roaring Lion can be found in many of your favorite bars & nightclubs, as well as in more and more convenient stores every day. If you want to find out where to buy Roaring Lion near you, Contact Us or you can shop online in our General Store. You can also help get RL into your favorite local stores by printing out a “I Want The Lion” card and demanding Roaring Lion!

Is it the same as Red Bull?

It contains the same functional ingredients, therefore it will give you the same effect. While the taste profile is very similar, Roaring Lion finishes cleaner without the medicinal after taste. Our Sugar Free uses a different sweetener, sucralose, so that you don’t get left with that “Diet” aftertaste.

Are Red Bull & Roaring Lion companies connected?

No, Roaring Lion is owned by the management team who brought Red Bull to the USA. They left Red Bull in 1999 and formed Roaring Lion in 2001.

Is Roaring Lion Gluten Free?

Roaring Lion is gluten free & we pride ourselves on creating a healthier energy drink than the standard.


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