“Roaring Lion has allowed us to give the costumers a great product and at the same time give us the margins that we can’t get with other over priced products.”

Casslers Bar and Grill


“Not many people in the world would think that a plumbing store would be a great store to place Roaring Lion Energy Drink in but in El Paso, Texas it is the only drink that I sell across my counter.  At Ferguson our clientele include plumbers, contractors, apartment complex managers, and your everyday “do-it-yourselfers.”  Roaring Lion is refreshing when you are working in this El Paso heat and my customers love the product.  I work side by side with my Roaring Lion rep in order to schedule samplings and due to the support I am now selling about 3 cases a week.  We have seen the product grow and my regular customers are filling their ice chests at least once a week.  Recently,  the Roaring Lion CE team supported our store with a sampling and I was very impressed with how educated on the product they are.  We were able to put up more POS and my customers and staff were more informed on the benefits of Roaring Lion.  I am a continued loyal customer and look forward to the new and exciting things we can partner up with Roaring Lion.”

Andres Acosta
El Paso, Texas


“I have exclusively worked with Roaring Lion and G&H Distributing for the past 8 years for my energy drink needs.  Bringing the bag-in-the-box in our market,  Roaring Lion product has streamlined my inventory on the energy drinks being served, not to mention the amount of product we get for the price we get it at.  Roaring Lion has always been a huge part of my product inventory and with the pricing I am able to have exclusive drink specials with drinks being mixed with our Roaring Lion.  Recently, Roaring Lion sent support into our market to gain recognition in the “energy drink on tap,” and was able to brand the mixer coming out of the gun.  The Roaring Lion CE team was very professional and tactful in asking our customers to try a sample.  Over the past few weeks alone, I have noticed that our customers have asked for it by name when ordering at the bar.  We serve it exclusively at all 3 bars that we have in El Paso, Texas and have been very happy with the service and quality of the product.  I look forward to transitioning to the cans, while still serving it “on tap,”  in order to be able to provide it for our outside events.  I look forward to continuing our relationship with our distributor and Roaring Lion and am excited to see the new ideas coming out.”

Adrian Martinez
Operating Partner @ Mini Bar, Loft Bar & Pop’s Cantina


Roaring Lion energy drink is contributing to WOW’s growth in on-premise sales. The programs, incentives and product for trial are all tremendous tools. Our Territory Manager, John Turley, is creative, resourceful, results oriented, supportive and available. Roaring Lion gives us the tools to grow the brand and increase sales. Roaring Lion’s support of our participation at the WRA’s Food and Beverage show in Seattle was impressive and particularly effective. We came away from the show with more leads than expected and our close ratio has been excellent.

Aaron Winsor
WOW Distributing, Inc.


We have been a wholesale distributor for Roaring Lion energy drink for a couple of years now. Wow, what a fantastic product! Red Bull consumers tell us it is better. Retailers love it. The higher margins make it fun to sell. Bag in Box prices of 7 cents per ounce vs. 17 cents per ounce of Red Bull make it a great bar and restaurant product. Bluphoria Bag in Box is also coming on strong. We are very happy with the Roaring Lion products.

Cindy Bastyr, Praha Distributing/Tri County Beverage


Roaring Lion is a very effective on premise tactical tool to gain additional volume in many key on premise high volume accounts. The customers love the product and really love the price value. We tactically use the Bag in The Box volume cost advantage to leverage other brand activities in the accounts. We are really excited about the additional leverage that the Spirits portfolio is going to add to the equation – especially in the Off Premise business with some of the incredible programs Roaring lion has planned. The move to the 16 ounce cans and the price advantage that provides is a huge asset in growing the brand because that is where the marketplace is in energy. The brand is well known and continues to grow. A key to success is trial – and Roaring Lion comes to bat gaining that trial. I have been impressed each year at the Nightclub and Bar Convention and trade show each year in Las Vegas – we get leads every year from it.”

Mark Carter, Superior Products Company


Concerning the on-premise transition bag in box sales to off-premise can sales concept, pricing and the higher quality of the diet product has made this transition smooth. The brand is well known in our on-premise accounts and is becoming a future contender in the off-premise market as well due to the support Roaring Lion has brought to the table. In fact, the success of the brand was crucial in having to hire 2 more employees to accommodate growing the can business. In
regards to the samplings we have executed, the customers are becoming loyal regulars to Roaring Lion in the ever popular energy drink category with sales increasing every week with every sampling. Pricing in El Paso, TX is always a concern and Roaring Lion fits right in line, and has been easy to work with on gaining the price points we need. We look forward to the new and exciting programs Roaring Lion has set up for gaining recognition in the off-premise accounts.”

Shawn Lee, G&H Distributing, El Paso, Texas


Roaring Lion supports a first class energy drink with competitive pricing, incentives and promotions.

Brandy Allen VonAntz, Southwest Distributors Inc.


We have been more than merely pleased with the product and the execution of the Roaring Lion Team. Since its inception in our market we continue to make inroads in this category. The POS and overall packaging and more importantly has been consistent and timely. We have been able to secure our long term relationships with many of our bars with the inclusion of the Roaring Lion brand as part of our portfolio. Service is important to us and this has been handled professionally and even though we are in a smaller market, we have gotten to know our DM as he has spent time with us in person.

These are some of the prestige accounts we have secured to date: Red Door Lounge, Montana Chads, Sid’s Place, Tiny’s Tavern, Hudson Bar, Asian Nites / Manny’s. Red Lodge MT. Our distributor in this resort town has moved aggressively with this product in BIB as well as packaged goods.

We have two competitors with these type of energy drinks and Bluphoria. The competition is going in about 30% less than we are on invoice price to the customer. Our response is you get what you pay for and we believe in service driven company.  The costs are a concern but the outcome is the product stands out and that has also help open doors.  The promotional items Roaring Lion offers has made a difference like bar mats and coasters and so much more which really steps thing up in having more of professional take than even Red Bull.The Roaring Lion table pong games have been a real plus and so are the concerts they support.  The brand is growing and we plan to grow with it.

Mike Dimich, Big Sky Pepsi, mike@bigskypepsi.com


We have had excellent success with roaring lion since bringing it on board. It is a great tool to go after Red Bull as we are cheaper in the market and it is a superior tasting product. Thank you for the 16oz can!!!! I like the fact that the roaring lion staff is willing to sample and get involved in any and all of the local events that we have in our market. It definitely helps get distribution and exposure to the brand. It’s an easy product to get into new accounts with some of the aggressive programs they bring to the table. I cannot say enough about our local roaring Lion team; Natalee, Richard and Mariah. They are amazing and they stand behind their product 100%. This has been a great addition to our portfolio, on premise and in the convenient and grocery store channel no doubt.

Dave Downing, District Manager, Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co


Roaring Lion is a very effective partner in the energy drink business. They always support our efforts with ample POS, market visits, and pricing support. We were new to the energy drink business when we kicked off Roaring Lion in October 2010. Roaring Lion took the extra time and effort to train our staff on installations and maintenance. They continually support our sales efforts with market visits and crew drives. The product itself is well received and highly profitable to our accounts. We look forward to growing business with Roaring Lion in the future.

Jim Mullen, General Manager, Sterling Distributing


Roaring Lion has been an excellent brand as a part of our arsenal in the on premise channel. Quality & Value are what RL brings to our customers. Sales have been strong & we continue to acquire new customers each month.

Guy Atchison, RNDC – Indiana * Wine & Spirits, Division Vice President – On Premise


The addition of Roaring Lion Energy Drink has been a great compliment to our world class portfolio of brands. The brand offers a strong point of difference in the On Premise segment with their bag in the box package. This package has the ability to erode Red Bull’s dominant on premise share in a way that brands like Monster and Rock Star have not been able to. Retailers understand the value of having a quality product “on the gun” in terms of pour cost as well as efficiency behind the bar.

The On Premise branding exposure we have gained combined with the “16oz” can initiative have made Roaring Lion a very viable brand in the off premise channel in both Convenience and Liquor stores. The off premise success has showed us that with the addition of 4pks, the Grocery and Drug segments will be the next channels of trade for sustained brand growth.

Roaring Lion’s excellent liquid and unique packaging are key to the early successes that we have enjoyed, however the main driver for our success is the support we receive from them as a supplier. The employees from Roaring Lion are extremely supportive and accessible in terms of work-withs, sampling events and strategic planning at all levels of their organization. The Roaring Lion folks really understand how to gain share of mind in a multi-brand house without inhibiting a distributors’ ability to sell their entire portfolio.

CJ Sanchez, Vice President of Sales, Classic Distributing & Beverage Group


Roaring Lion energy drink has been the exclusive energy drink at Whiskey River for the past 3 years. Our bartenders like the convenience of having an energy drink on the bar gun, and our customers like the different Roaring Lion drinks that we feature on special, especially the Chocolate Covered Cherry Bomb.

Guy Zobel, General Manager – Whiskey River Saloon – Phoenix, AZ


Roaring Lion gives me the value and profits I look for in a product, and gives me customers the quality and pricing that they are looking for. It is a win-win for everyone.

Robyn, Rookies Bar and Grill


We are a busy college bar on Water Street in Eau Claire, Wisconsin and have used Roaring Lion energy drink on the gun for past 18 months. With the product on the gun it has saved us money and freed up the bar tenders from retrieving and opening cans which allows them to pour more dinks. We have added Bluphoria to our offering and have created ourown drinks which have been very popular.

Clint Wanta, Owner – She Nannigans